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    I wrote a simple tool to create playlists. I organize my music like this:

    PHP Code:

    My Music
        Album Folder
        Album Folder2
        Album Folder1
    I wanted playlists for each album, then mp3s in each genre (rock, classic rock, rap, etc) and a playlist w/ all mp3s. My tool parses each directory and looks for subdirectories in the genre, and creates albums out of them. The result is a list of playlists: allmp3s.m3u, genre1.m3u, genre2.m3u, Album1.m3u, Album2.m3u, etc. If you organize your music like this, you may want to use the tool. Theres settings for each folder and whether you want to create each type of playlist (all music, genres, albums). it is command line so you can run it on bootup, etc. Let me know if theres any changes you'd like.
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