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iTunes...this might work?

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  • iTunes...this might work?

    I just found out about this interesting "new" feature (at least to me) about itunes. If it could be displayed this "HUGE" it should be able to fit the "front end" class I feel as a media player. I think its neat u just flip left or right to change files. Hella cool if u look have tons of cover art like me. Sucks it wont work with other types of video formats. I am off to try this. ATM, I leave you with a new teaser pic.

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    you mean this: ?
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      Thats interesting too, but its through RR. I want itunes to do it so I can have more flexibility in terms of playlists. I like that though don't get me wrong. I just tried in my car and its looking sweet. Heads gon be turning at traffic lights. hehe
      [HL]My Worklog (~75% complete, but fully functional)[/HL]:


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        I just have to say that despite all the haters out there, I love iTunes. This feature especially combined with my carPC and Lilly Touch Screen makes for the easiest, coolest car entertainment and I and my friends love this ****.