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  • Mute LED

    Can I have a flashing scrlock LED if the pc is muted etc?

    I have a spare led on my original SWC on my car, thought it would be a good idea to extend one of the 'free' keyboard LED's to it, scrlock seems the most free, as we use caps and numlock etc

    Any ideas software geniuses?

    I'm sure this idea if implemented would be good for others besides me

    (maybe I should have put this in RR requests lol)
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966

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    It looks like it can be done. This guy has software that turns on the key with softwareI would have to do a little more research, but I am sure you can set a macro to mute sound and run the proper command to turn the scroll lock key on. Eventually I could see this being an option on RR without too much trouble...
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      well it would be a nice add on for RR, but I know that its possible to turn the leds on as I remember doing it about 10 years ago on some teach yourself assembler book (I think thats about as far as I got lol)

      All it needs is a little compiled executable to monitor the windows mixer ever second, and if muted toggle the led, I suppose a check could be made to leave the LED in the correct state once un-muted, but not really necessary as I dont think scroll lock is used by anyone in a car pc environment.

      Come on PC coders, its got to be less than a few hundred bytes!

      (and I spent the afternoon building the hardware/SWC with led!)
      Lez, more widely known as flez1966