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New Vehicle software in development - I have something to show

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  • New Vehicle software in development - I have something to show

    I am writing a vehicle entertainment package for Gnu/Linux systems, using the Gnome2 librairies.
    It will integrate a multimedia player and GPS.
    The current version (0.0.5) has a working compass and skychart (shows the GPS sats) and I have some working mapping features (using the tiger database for the US only at the moment).
    Next features to be implemented are track recording that will allow you to create your own maps if your country's state-owned mapping agency is a bunch of thieves...
    This software is free (as in, the license is the GNU GPL) which allows you to expand and derive...

    Ah, yes, the link navsys

    Of course, I am open to comments.

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    With the AA, the maps look real nice. Any chance of getting city titles and street names? I am wondering.. what are the system requirements? It looks like it would take a fair amount of power to display all that information.

    Overall, it looks like a very good start. I don't like the compass, but the skychart is cool.

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