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Left Audio Channel lags in Winamp?

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  • Left Audio Channel lags in Winamp?

    Ok so this probably isn't the right place to post this, so mods, please move it, if it is better suited in another topic.

    I currently run 32 bit Vista on my HP touch screen laptop and I don't use any front ends since most carputer users have XP and the support is 100 times better, so I was just using an Alpine skin with the lastest version of Winamp temporarily. Problem is that when I plug my aux output mini jack plug into my laptop like I did with my ipod, the left audio channel lag terribly. The Ipod sound quality totally blows away my laptop sound. But when I played songs in Windows Media Center the sound quality improved a great deal. Also the left audio channels lags when I use head phones. I did many comparisons between the ipod and computer with the headphones and the ipod always had better balance and seperation in songs than Winamp. I do believe however, that media player or media center works fine, but neither load any of .mp4 songs. They play them, just won't load them into the library.

    I also have the latest drivers for Vista 32 bit from realtek. Maybe my soundcard blows, or there is a plugin someone can recommend. I know I will have to get either a DAC or an external sound card eventually and possibly get rid of Vista and go back to XP.

    If anyone else has had this problem please chime in. In the meantime I will post this issue on the Winamp site forums. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.