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New GPS Tracking Software * Need Suggestions

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  • New GPS Tracking Software * Need Suggestions

    well currently me and my buddy who are working on it have it only working for me. but this is just a little preview of what is to come, . its a tracking system built in C# which takes your GPS signal and sends it to server to map it out for path/history and all sorts.

    currently we are like alpha 1 stage we just have the basic plot done. it pulls signal caches it to memory and whenever u have a internet uploads to server. so if your using wireless off your phone or such you will always be showing were you currently are...

    or in my case most of the time when i like to talk on my phone and not use internet.. mine uploads when i pull in my driveway and connects to my wireless at home...

    the things we are looking for is what others would like to see on a tracking system, some thoughts are to show like police hotspots... and also show MPH/TIME/DIRECTION on the paths maybe?

    last thing that we need are name suggestions, we are no sure what to name this project, we have been trying to come up with something for a while now but whenever we do the domain or something is already taken...

    any ideas are greatly welcome, we will open BETA testing hopefully soon to other users to test :-)


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    we will also be looking for some beta testers in a couple weeks when we launch our first test so Let me know if anyone is interested!


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      i like to beta test...


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        Interesting project. However, I would think twice before recording your speed for obvious reasons.
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          im interested...i travel all over the southeast


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            Originally posted by Mr_Civic View Post
            Interesting project. However, I would think twice before recording your speed for obvious reasons.
            this will be an option... but honestly. u can write on a webstie u want 300mph... soooooo not worried.


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              WE still NEED name ideas...


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                Is there any way to do this without an internet connection? How do the other companies do it this way?


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                  well, the other companies that do this the device they give u actually has some sort of internet connection or data transfer...

                  this week we currently created a cache function were it will if you have no internet cache all your points recorded to your harddrive then whenever an connection is present u can upload... so i dunno bout u but for me if i dont have my cell phone hooked up when i pull in garage my wireless connects and since i have a 10 min shutdown delay it uploads while i taking a crap on the toliet


                  we are trying to decide wether we would create a box like that which would provide the data transfer but we would have to get in contact with a provider such as sprint/verizon... yada... but thats a LONG LONG way down the road and i dont wanna think bout it.

                  we need a name b4 anything :-P


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                    Ok, how about TrackLink? Or NavTrack?

                    I'll test it, but I don't see what I would use it for. I want something that I can track without having an internet connection.


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                      Can you explain in what ways you plan on differentiating this product from the existing "W3btracker" software available from these forums? It looks as though what you're trying to implement is what W3btracker already does?


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                        Our main developer *cough* me *cough* is a real procrastinator and divulging any significant details at this point would probably kill our chances for success. More importantly this project is interested in original ideas and how YOU want it to be different. There’s plenty of hobby applications that do just about nothing. We want to be more than a map. While an Internet connection won’t be a must for our application it will be required to achieve the best user experience.

                        Recently we've implemented GPS data caching to disk. Now if there is not an Internet connection or any type of computer failure data will still be available for upload once the application is open and a connection is available. This I've found is available already in a few other similar applications here on the forums (I don't really visit here that often). It’s nothing to boast about.

                        Of course we are heading towards multi-user support, buddy lists, etc, etc as are also available on other tracking programs. It’s what everyone does next that will set them apart.

                        Some big hopes to meet would be either some type of integration with existing in car navigation systems, or home grown navigation system / open source navigation system. There is much to accomplish before we go down that road.

                        Eventually I’d like to see this project go open source, but we need to be established to the point where we will have contributors rather than thieves. Switching to OpenLayers from Google Maps is something we will likely attempt shortly as I feel Google could become (is) a competitor in this area already.


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                          will be good to see what you come up with, keep us all informed