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  • emulators

    i'm not a gamer but i would like to add this feature to my system. do these emulatots really work and how do you use them. do i need specially encoded games or just use the originals?
    any help would be appreciated!
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    most emulators can be found on the net for free, as for games depends on wich system you are tryin to emulate...Consoles IE n64 Nes Atari, ones that use a cartridge usally run games with a file called a rom these also can be found on the net. Dreamcast Psx TG16 consoles that use a CD some time can use the ISO of the CD or the orignal all depends on what system you wanna play with.


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      i guess the easiest would be something on a cd
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        yeah emulators are free ROMs for nintendo and stuff are easy to find but you can only use them if you own the original hehehe

        playstation, xbox, ps2, stuff like that you need to get a copy of the cd (or the original i suppose). But really it's not worth it... I mean a playstation emulator only emulates like 1/20th of the games perfectly... and maybe 1/4 of them at all.... plus for stuff like xbox u need a very top end system....

        you'd be best off just to stick with PC games in my opinion... Then again if you want to run anything made in the last few months you'll need a 1000Mhz+ CPU and 512MB Ram for it to run smooth (and a geforce4 wouldn't hurt :P)

        However if you just want super nintendo it will work fine on the slowest of computers!

        N64 needs a decent graphics card and about 200Mhz

        Playstation about the same....

        Xbox/Ps2/DC i think would be very high requirments and i doubt hardly any games would run.... not to mention the constant crashes you would get...

        Best gaming setup is Windows 2000 Pro with custom shell (such as litestep) stripped down with no programs running in the background... Even better to make you're own shell with just a list of games and links


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          last time i checked, an xbox or ps2 emulator didnt even exist....
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            Originally posted by smashr2k
            last time i checked, an xbox or ps2 emulator didnt even exist....
            there was a hoax xbox emul floating around only 2-3months after xbox was released..... (ppl who fell for that one deserved a virus/trojan!)

            and PS2 I read is just a CPU emulator at the moment.... and thats really nothing, the PS2 emotion engine will be the ***** to emul...

            so no, there are not any PS2/xbox emuls....
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              i use MAME for some arcade games... and VGS (virtual game station ) for psx games..... system is a via c3 866/133 192 meg ram.... intel graphics built in to the presario mother board...

              plays GT2 perfectly
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                the best PSX emu out there (well I think so any ways) is epsxe , but you need for find a sph001 bin file (psx Bios) in order for the program to run, very good and work will all my games!


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                  I myself happen to like the Capcom CPS type of games and I have quite a few if anyone would like to set up some kind of trading for them privately (not sure if mods will like this or not). Additionally, old (like 1993 and newer) arcade games are good too if anyone would like to trade some of those.


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                    everything you need

                    go to you can find emulators for most systems and the roms for them.
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                      I use MAME32 Plus...I love the classic arcade stuff.

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