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Best DVD program or codec to use??

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  • Best DVD program or codec to use??

    Hi Guys,

    Newbie here and have been all over this forum for a few months now as i am getting my Carputer together, and have found some great advice and support without having to post, Thanks.

    But now i do have a lil problem and i can't seem to find any thread with this support. i am trying to get my dvd's to work but can't seem to get it going and have tried a few codec pack to get it working with WMP but no luck, so i installed WinDVD and when i try it i get the message " Reduce screen resolution or color depth" but my screen resolution is at the lowest setting in my preferences, what to do?? or is there a better dvd program to use? any advise wud be great, thanks guys i will have pics of my project as soon as it is installed.

    Thanks again,

    Millz (sorry for the repost but i never got any feedback from the other post in a different section)

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    Personally I use (Cyberlink) Power DVD

    EDIT: just found this:, E-Cig Mods
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      Sweet find

      thanks so much for that link i will give it a try this week and hopefully post success hahahaha

      Thanks again


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        Hi Muldrick

        Is your system acctually working?

        I have a MII12000 with 512MB RAM and I just bought the PowerDVD plugin for mediaplayer 11. I runs for a while even if a lot of frames are skiped, but then it halts. DVD is dead and mediaplayer has no response.

        Under 'now playing' and 'more options' I've found some acceleration options but not 'filter' tab.

        Any recommendations? More RAM? New mobo...

        BR, B-O
        My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"


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          I think you have some other issues there. I was using an MII12000 and it worked fine.
          I'm momentarily using an MII10000 board with 512 MB and it still works fine.
          I've never done any adjustments to it. Just installed it and video skip or anything.
          While playing a check your CPU usage...for some reason I bet it's way up there.
          obviously make sure you run as view programs as possible when using the PC)
, E-Cig Mods
          "A great smoking alternative"


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            I think you are correct when you say I have other issues rather than problems with PowerDVD.

            I have a CPU load of about 80-90% when playing a film and very low RAM usage. It does skip a lot of frames, which I guess might be due to poor graphics board. What do you think? Its a GeForce MX4000 that I picked because it is supported by powerstrip.

            I also tried full screen view and the CPU goes up a notch. Is that what you ment by "obviously make sure you run as view programs..."

            Then all of a sudden CPU load hits the roof. 50% mediaplayer and 50% system. The DVD is not "there". I try to press eject but nothing happens. If I kill mediaplayer process system load drops to 3% and recovers. Maybe its powerDVD anyway...

            My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"