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    I've been seeing posts about TinyXP and understand that it's a program you run after your XP installation to strip it down - similar to nLite, only nLite does it before installing. I wanted to try TinyXP to compare it with nLite, but I am not able to find it anywhere. When I google it, all I find are torrents for pre-built versions. I would like to use it to build my own.

    Is TinyXP some kind of warez? Is it only available as a pre-built install? Who makes this software? I could not find a website for its maker so I could get it from them.

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    The TinyXP I have used is an automated install through answer scripts, I think. I think the entire install for me was like 100 MB and took under 10 mins. I think there is a Vista version now.
    Is it warez? Since it is distributing the XP source with an embedded serial number, I would say yes. You can make your own legal version using nlite and your licensed copy of XP. As for where to find it... cough*torrent*cough
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      Tiny xp was made with nlite.

      There are also many other versions of xp out there *cough*torr*cough*ents*cough* stripped down to varying degrees depending on users needs.

      Most were stripped out for and by "gamers".

      Personally, if you're going to use xp for a carputer install, just install a full version of xp.

      You'll have ALOT less trouble in the long run............
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        Oh, ok. After seeing posts of people using TinyXP, I thought it was another program like nLite, not one created from nLite.