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    I asked this question in another thread but have not yet recieved a reply, so i'm asking it again here.

    Ok I have a question

    I'm writing my own frontend in VB.

    How do I pass quotes in vb?
    for example, if i type

    shell "C:\program files\winamp\winamp.exe D:\a pirate song.mp3"

    then I get a playlist like this:


    Yet if I type this,

    shell "C:\program files\winamp\winamp.exe "D:\a pirate song.mp3" "

    I get an error

    how do you get round this?

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    Im not to sure about this one.

    If i remember right you can use double " when you embed them into a string

    shell "C:\program files\winamp\winamp.exe ""D:\a pirate song.mp3"" "

    I know for sure that this is what you do in SQL when you need to handle a ' then you just use two, like this '' (TWO CHARACTERS).

    Hope this fixes your problem


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      Easiest way is to use vbQuote...Not sure if you have to declare it first or if it is built it.


      DIM ShellVariable AS STRING
      ShellVariable = vbQuote & "C:\program files\blah blah" & vbQuote
      SHELL ShellVariable

      If that results in an error, first DIM vbQuote and assing it the value CHR(34):

      DIM vbQuote

      vbQuote = Chr$(34)

      You can also DIM it as GLOBAL in a module if necessary.
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        Use this handy dandy little module instead:
        Don't Click


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          problem solved - thanks guys


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            thats a nice looking dognut
            Project - GAME OVER :(


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              ok another problem.

              How do I get it to do "always on top"?

              you know how a window appears on top all the time no matter what window is in the "front"?

              thanks guys


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                It sounds like you're pretty new to VB. Go to and search for your questions. I guarantee it's been asked many times there.

                For example, "vb window always top" gives many examples.

                I'm just suggesting this because it will save you a lot of time over asking simple questions here.
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