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    I'm interested in creating a system similar to what the airlines offer on their overseas flights. They have a server with all the content, and it streams to each individual seat, on demand. I'm going to be getting a Yukon XL for my family (wife and 3 kids). The kids are hard to keep occupied, and all like different things. I want my wife to have all of the standard functions up front (radio control, back up camera, GPS, vehicle diagnostics, etc..), and I want the kids to each have their own touchscreen headrest monitor (with one extra to make 4) and be able to watch different movies, or listen to music, or play games independently, or together. I figured since the airlines have this abilty, then the software is out there somewhere to control all of this. If anyone knows of software that will integrate all of this, please let me know.
    I have a solid background in building PCs, but am new to the automobile systems. I've bought two books on the subject, and am a fast learner. I also built my own arcade machine, so I'm no stranger to electrics, and integrating various control systems into a PC.
    Thanks for any help.