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    I believe I have created a solid base program that can be expanded upon, but before I begin add things like DVD / DIVX, GPS / NAV, CD-Rom play, Radio Card Interface etc. I need some help locating all of the bugs.

    I feel that I should eradicate all of the current problems before I create new ones. hehe

    Give the latest version a try and tell me what you think. Report any problems please, or any features you would like to see added.

    Right now it is just a somewhat powerful media player (plays mp3s). But it will do MUCH more soon.

    (P.S. - I have released this version without completing the resolution (screen stretch) for Display Playlists, and Playing Mp3 screens) - Pay no mind. Also, Volume Control and Extensions have no function because they are not hard coded yet. But, it will be done soon.

    I want it to work perfectly before I start enhancing it.

    Download Media Engine 1.2.0
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    Mostly requested before in the other thread, but:

    Ability to browse through playlists from MP3 playing screen and switch to another track without stopping the music or having to exit all the way out to the main menu.

    Random on playlist.

    Random on directory/subdirectory.

    Random over all MP3s.

    Visualisation of some description option when playing MP3s.

    Welcome wav into system.

    Screen customisation. (Skinning such as colour and background jpeg/bmp)

    Option to add external program into main menu, then pop back into MP menu when you exit that (Would be handy for Digital radio apps or something like MAME or other emulators)

    If I think of anything else apart form what you have mentioned, I'll add some more.

    That enough to keep you going?



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      New build. Media Engine 1.2.1 released.

      Make sure to uninstall your old media engine, or backup the


      files and paste them into your new media engine directory to avoid having to go to setup first.

      Improvements on latest build
      Added some background images
      Supports all resolutions now
      Fixed problem with program locking up when going to Play Music
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        Why are there two media engine treads going now?


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          sorry. delete this one but leave the other one with 54 posts
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