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  • Woot!

    It's finished! (for now)



    Just put the wac in the Winamp3/Wacs dir.

    I haven't been able to do the color changing stuff yet, but everything else is done now.

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    Very nice Arby! If only I had a touchscreen
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      Is the playlist font still tiny in winamp3?
      I have played with it and i wasn't able to get winamp3 to keep the scaling at a certain size once it's set.
      Perhaps that's a bug they might fix in the future.

      Not all of us have VGA touchscreens ...
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        Can you give us a link for the updated skin?

        Looks good, THANKS
        New site at

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          Not until I finish it


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            Quote from Arby---"Thanks to smashcasi's help, CDCover is now working!" . Well thats what this place is all about helping each other out. Two guy's workin on software that other companies put out, only to make it better with such features as CD Cover art. You guy's deserve much praise for helping out others who either do not have the time or knowledge to do these things but we ask for help and you guy's come through with our requests such as seeing the album cover of our cd's. Now i wish i had a touch screen also! oh and take pic's of the car upcoming car show.
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              Kudos Arby, I can't wait to see photos of the final product running on that screen of yours
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                Wicked. I can't wait to get ahold of the update. I've been downloading coverart for all of my mp3's so that i will be ready to go once this was finished.
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                  where is the best part to do searching for cover art and such??


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                    hehe...i just hit CDNOW and look up artist and album and it's usually there. Or sometimes I check some newsgroups for some odds and ends that CDNOW doesn't have.

                    hope that helps!
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                      anyone want to find the cover art for 6500 songs??? LOL

                      I think someone needs to start a site like the places that download the track would be a collection of the covers that would download as well.


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                        so you have 6500 different songs from 6500 different artists? Do you have any full albums? I have about 200-300 albums and about 75% of the coverart was found at CDNOW.
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                          this is where I search for all cover art to CD PSX to DVD



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                            heck no

                            No they are not 6500 different artists. I can't remember how many full albums I have. Quite a few as I converted most of them myself.

                            But I have lots of misc songs that aren't even catagorized that I need to go through. I think that mood software plugin for winamp 3 might help me do this. It updates your IDE tags and can organize stuff for you.

                            I will have to check tonight when i am close to my mp3 collection to see how many actual albums I have...would be interesting.



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                              hehe...yeah i hear you on the misc mp3's. i've just got a folder labeled 'unsorted' and i don't think there is any hope for it. too many different songs by different artists.

                              Oh and thanks for the link Stine...i will add that to the ol' favorites
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