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Help with winXP/hibernate/LCD plugin

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  • Help with winXP/hibernate/LCD plugin

    Hey all! Is anyone running XP with Markus Zehnder winamp plugin (great plugin by the way). Anyway, I would like to use XP's hibernate function so that I can resume the same song and song position on startup. However, the plugin will not re-initialize the LCD after resuming from hibernation. I've searched other posts here and it seems that people are using hibernate, but they don't mention how the LCD is affected.

    Also, I've tried the resumer plugin with the above setup using a full shutdown and it works. The only prob is that when it starts up, the lcd plugin/winamp playlist load and starts playing a random song, then a few seconds later the resumer plugin activates and changes to the correct song.

    I really don't care what operating system that I use, I just want some type of combination to resume where I left off and a faster boot time.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!