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Tag Runner mp3 tagger, album art, lyrics, etc

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  • Tag Runner mp3 tagger, album art, lyrics, etc

    Hi all,

    Just tried a program to tag my mp3 library and I have to say it works great!

    It called Tag Runner by a company named RS audials and it's one of those automatic tagger jobbies. It's not freeware, or even shareware, you have to buy it.

    I have a huge library from way back and it was missing a copious amount of tags, album art, lyrics etc and wasn't wanting to manually edit each and every file.

    I ran the proggy, pointed at my 5 gigs of music and let it go at it.

    It took 4 hours but when it was done, about 90% of my music was properly tagged (song, artist, album, year, etc) album art downloaded and there even was lyrics for most both embedded and in a text file.

    A quick run through Tag and Rename to clean up the rest and my library was complete!

    From the prog docs, it says it uses 11 internet sources and makes a best guess at your tunes if the tag is wrong or incomplete. I must say, it's a pretty good guesser.

    Best cash I ever spent on a tagging program! (well, except for Tag and Rename maybe)

    (and no, I'm not affiliated with the company, just a happy customer)

    I can't remember if they have a trial on thier web site, check it out if you want. Google should turn up the site for you.

    Just thought I'd share a good find with y'all!

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    I have used it. I have a 40 gig collection soooo. I have founf, when I have the discography of a certain artist, it sucks at discerning which album a song was from. Lets say you like Dave Matthews...If you do you know there is about 100 verions of several songs. That program screwed the whole thing up, so you have to go back and correct some of it. For a smaller library though I would have to say it did pretty well for itself.


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      Tag Runner mp3 tagger, album art, lyrics, etc

      I fully agree with Dougw133, because I used Tag Runner for a few weeks. Then I googled and found a number of mp3 taggers on You can try smth from out there, most of them support different audio formats, I myself use
      mp3Tag Pro.