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Old program i cant find.. need help?

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  • Old program i cant find.. need help?

    Firts off im new the car pc world but have been researching it off and on for several years now. I hope this question in in the right forum. There used to be a site that sold one specific program for running all the different appilcations on you car pc but i cant reamber it and after searching over and over cant find it. I cant even remeber what the software was called or if its even made any more but if it is im sure the old school members of this site can help me. Ill try to describe it as best i can. The program had a ladys name and there was a visual pic of a digital women on the main screen. U talked to her and she would talk back and when ordering the prgram you could give her any name u wanted and she would respond to it. After telling her what you wanted to do it would swicth to that application. Like if you told her you wanted to watch a movie it would go to it or if you told it a song you wanted to hear a song it would go to that too. The back round and the girl where a kinda of redish color. The way the site was designed and setup seemed to me that it was probably just a few people running it and not any sort of big company. Ill be getting a new car this summer and installing my first car pc and really luvd that program and was hoping to use it. Sorry if this is in the wrong place or if i brooke any rules but i dont think i did and thank you for any help anyone can provide. I no my descripton wasnt the best but i no i cant be the only one that saw this program online and if you did then you will have some sort of clue what im talking about. Thanks again and this site seems to be a great place full of great info and plan on useing it from now on for all my car pc needs.