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  • Explorer replacement

    what do you guys use when you have to copy, zipping, synchronizing files from USB stick back and forward while being in the car.

    explorer is not ideal because of
    1. although you can make fonts and scrollbars bigger some icons still remain to small for touchscreen usage
    2. you have to open too many explorer windows and switch all the time in etween to get to the right source/target. tools like total commander, free commander have a much better approach with the left/right side panel view and the possibility of tabs.

    road runner has some media copy cabapilites but it is limited to that only. i basically need two uis. one for mp3, dvd, navigation, wheater etc (road runner) and one for system related tasks (file operations, synchronizing, wifi manager etc.)

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    Have a look at a sync manager AlwaysSync would prob do the job i believe its free, and works reasonably well on a touch screen, cant remeber the url just run a google on it.
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      Directory Opus is my favorite