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  • Internet explorer speed tip

    I discovered while back that it was faster to re-download a file rather than do a search for it on hard drive. That got me thinking, hard drive access time was my slowdown on my so called broadband connection. I changed my browser cache setting to 1mb, and seems much much faster. Mainly it got rid of the delay before page would even start to load.

    Go to tools, Internet options, under general, hit settings, on your
    Temperory internet files folder, change your amount of disk space to use to 1mb! This will speed up your brousing considerbly!

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    Depends mostly on your browsing habbits. My hard drive is considerably faster than my 3MB cable service...

    I think you have another probem somewhere (no bus mastering, fragmented HD, CDROM slaved to ATA100/133 HD, over aggressive AV, etc.)
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      No, my hard drives are fast enough, I was brousing just fine, I found this trick, and my conection flies! I found it at the broadband sight! really works great for me!


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        worked for me too !!!

        thanks !

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          make sure people know this is only for could really neuter your dialup by doing this