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DTS Playback with CarPC

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  • DTS Playback with CarPC

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this:

    I have about 60 or so DTS-CD and multichannel albums in ISO formats and whatnot. My plan is to use an X-Fi Soundcard that fits into my express slot on my laptop, which is being used for my CarPC. I'd purchase the adapter that gives you analog 6 channel out in the form of 1/8" jacks.

    I'd then use alcohol to mount the images. I do this at home on my desktop PC, using Creative Mediasource. It works like a charm, and sends the bitstream, or decodes it into 6 channel direct (my choice). My question is if there's a program that will run pretty seemlessly in any of the CarPC frontends? Is it possible to get Mediasource to be the default MP3 program in something like Roadrunner or Frodo (or streetdeck)? VLC media player is great for getting pretty much anything to play, but it will only play one track, not the entire cd.

    Any suggestions?