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  • mp3 updating?

    When copying new mp3's to your mp3 directory on your car, how do you update winamp or whatever with the new songs you just added? Do you update it by hand or have a script for it to re-read the directory, or what?
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    I don't use Winamp, but all I do is pop open the database in Access and add the new files.

    My untimate solution will be to use wireless syncronization, which will automatically copy the files and database everytime I pull into the driveway.
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      i use the albumlist plug-in for winamp and it is configured to scan directories i tell it to for new files every time winamp starts up
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        Originally posted by Aaron Cake
        I don't use Winamp, but all I do is pop open the database in Access and add the new files.

        My untimate solution will be to use wireless syncronization, which will automatically copy the files and database everytime I pull into the driveway.
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          It's not like this is a terribly difficult task. If you already have wireless set up, all you need to do is write a simple small program that when it detects the connection to your home computer, connect to the directory where your music is stored, copy any new files and append them onto a database.

          You could probably even do that in a batch file
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            Squeezer- I use a removable drive for all my stored music with a macro to play a command line.
            example: "C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe" "D:\Music"
            This way a dir is loaded and not a playlist.m3u file so all new music is loaded. You can also add more keystrokes to your Macro's to "sort by path and filename" once the dir is loaded so everything is in alphabetical order. It can all be done with a single button press. If you don't have a removable drive how are you currently updating your MP3 files? do you network with a home computer? wireless syncronization? tell us how your current setup is .
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              Media Engine has the capability to read new songs on the fly. All you have to do is dump the new songs into a directory, and then media engine will find them
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                dir/b/s > playlist.m3u

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                  my application (which im gonna release this week) uses a small utilty that re-scans your mp3 folder and re-creates winamp playlists to create a 'semi-database'....
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                    I have already made the wireless sync program that works beutifully, it syncs up to 4 directories each time your wireless network comes in range (ie this could be your mp3 directory, playlist directory etc). I have the beta version on my site at the moment, but the final is coming out on monday. So if you can wait till then, you'll be pleasantly supprised with what it can do.

                    There is another bloke doing a similar thing, so it won't be long until everyone is making these syncers, but it so makes your life easier!

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                      that sounds cool..... something else to add to my app

                      just gotta get some wireless networking jazz...... got my new SB Audigy on the weekend, so after that is runnin wireless networking toys might be next
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                        Like Loftus, I use a directory/sub-directory setup and a removable hard drive. I just copy the new song the the appropriate directory or sub-directory and it sorts it automatically.

                        I run everything from batch files for minimum keystrokes.


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                          Wireless Sync

                          Here you go:

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