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Enhancements to Winamp LCD Plugin

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  • Enhancements to Winamp LCD Plugin

    Hi all

    For those interested, i recently developed some enhancements on the great Markus Zehnder's Winamp LCD Plugin. Here is the liste of things added :

    - Added a 10 Band customizable equalizer to the menu.
    - New Output variable : Volume bar.
    - New Output variable : realtime CPU Use.
    - New Output variable : realtime Memory Use.
    - New Output variable : a little spinning top to display playing status.
    - Temporary displays volume bar when volume changes.
    - Added 'Play All' in player settings menu, to enqueue all playlists.
    - Added 'Browse' in player settings menu, to browse all dirves for a particular song or playlist.
    - BugFix : Key handling (block key if bound in plugin)
    - BugFix : Corrected a little spectrum analyser bug
    - Now retrieves playlists only 1 time at initialisation rather than each time when selecting 'Playlists menu'.
    - (T2) Pause and Stop Sets do not periodically rotate as other sets
    - (T2) Browser is now controlled by Up/Down/Left/Righ key assignements which allows going back in directory tree
    - (T2) BugFix : T1 was not working on Win9x because of the PDH API. Now there is a W9x version, which doesn't have the CPU and Memory Use output variables.
    - (T3) Equalizer now has a much better vertical layout
    - (T3) Equalizer can be enabled/disabled from menu
    - (T3) Now the state displays in realtime in menu when enabling/disabling equalizer, shuffle or random
    - (T3) New key binding : Go to next/previous letter in menu
    - (T3) New key binding : When pressing Next/Previous keys while in menu, you advance/go back 10 items in menu
    - (T4) Equalizer displays on the whole screen (more than 2 lines)
    - (T4) Equalizer bands can be adjusted by 1Db steps
    - (T4) Ability to select multiple files to play in the browser
    - (T4) Files are alphabetically sorted in browser
    - (T4) New key binding : Select/unselect ALL file from a directory
    - (T4) BugFix : Corrected spec analyzer and volume bars for LCDs that dont have block character on 0xFF code
    - (T4) BugFix : Corrected bugs between spec analyzer and equalizer

    I recently got contact with markus and we will soon join our efforts on this plugin.

    My homepage for this plugin is (Page is partially in French but you can download the english version of the plugin).

    Let me know what you think of it


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    How do I get this Spectrum to Work?


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      Sounds cool, too bad I can't read French
      Silver 1999 Nissan Pathfinder!
      Completion: [*********-] 90%
      Everything working! Mobile MP3s ROCK!
      LEFT TO DO: Improve power on circuit, fix slow boot time

      - 550mhz PIII on Abit BH6
      - 128MB RAM
      - 40x4 Backlit Character LCD
      - 17 key numeric keypad - Repainted buttons
      - 2.1GB laptop drive for OS
      - 4.3GB drive for MP3s Redesigned, new pics!


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        Markus will soon be integrating my code.

        btw my site is partially in french but the plugin is in full english