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  • Centrafuse Racing Plugin

    Hey everyone,

    Basically the idea of this plugin is to allow you to create and race on GPS based tracks while the app gives you split and lap times accordingly. Performance testing is also included allowing you pit your cars against anyone in the world.

    Register & Download from:

    General run down of features so far:
    - 3 Track Types; Circuit, Sprint and Rally
    Cicuit: A race in which the finish line is also the start line, can race any number of laps
    Sprint: Start Line is not Finish line, no laps available
    Rally: No pre-defined track, guidance to checkpoints is given by an arrow, popup messages optional for each checkpoint including start and finish
    - Tracks are drawn onto the screen dynamically so you can see the track you are creating
    - Not limited to roads, tracks are drawn on raw GPS data
    - All racing gives split/lap times
    - Tracks stored as XML for easy sharing, also exportable as KML for integration with Google Earth/Maps
    - Replays can also be saved (not replayable yet)
    - Profile is recorded to include your best lap times for each track
    - Online integration, uploading and sharing tracks and recordings
    - Performance testing: Quarter Mile, Mile and Top Speed Tests

    Supported Skins:
    - Aura
    - Onyx Day/Night

    Still to come:
    - Multiplayer: Allowing multiple people to race each other simultaneously.

    Beta is now open to anyone and everyone. All you need to do is register.
    Any suggestions/feedback is also welcome.

    If you really have to avoid registering for any reason, the latest version of the plugin can also be downloaded from the Flux Media Downloads page:
    Centrafuse Downloads - Lap-Time Racing Plugin

    Edit: Added in progess pics:


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    its will be very nice plugin i am interest on this



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      Top Idea

      Yes yes and yes.
      I would love this a lot.
      It would be really cool to see which lines are faster through corners etc. I just hope the GPS is accurate enough to get good positional detail.

      How much progress have you made so far ??


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        Very very cool.... i would love to see it as well. Why didnt you post this in their forums?
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          I've been working on it over at the Flux Media Forums but I wanted to get a broader audience. (I've got the same username there)

          I've actually been really surprised at the accuracy of the GPS coordinates during my testing. The first test we ran was actually just walking around an oval and it mapped it out perfectly. I think your biggest factor is weather and the number of locked satellites.

          The list of "features so far" is a list of what I have already finished

          Edit: Screenshots are going to have to wait till I get home. RDP is too slow


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            Make this for Streetdeck, and I will be very happy!

            heh, I know thats not an option, but how hard is it to port these plugins across front ends?
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              Well you can build .net Streetdeck plugins and I did structure my code so it is easily portable, I would *only* have to re-write the interface (currently stands at 1878 lines of code). I have no immediate plans to do so, as it would make sense for me to build one solid version before attempting to branch out.

              I'm also in the beginning stages of installing my own car PC, so I am a little low on spare time.


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                I love the idea!!! GREAT!
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                  This would be nice especially for 1/4 mile times and for trap speeds etc.

                  It would be nice if you could actually log your speed/gear that you were in at all sections of the track or 1/4, etc. This way you could adjust to what you're doing to see if you could do something different and achieve better results.

                  Another cool thing would be to integrage a Gs sensor as well. I like the idea of having a Gs sensor with an alarm set to it. Sort of like the sound tha that the STI makes letting you know to shift to the next gear. You can do a Gs test with the car so you can find what the limit is and set the alarm accordingly. This way, when you go through the track and take a turn, you hear the alarm and you'll know that you're pushing the car too far and you need to let off


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                    My car has a feature that lets you know you are going into a corner too fast - its called tyre screech 1


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                      hehehe, true, very true.


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                        Well, theoretically this could be done by the GPS, but the response time would probably render is useless if you tried to use it on demand. GPS also can't take into account slants in the road.

                        A G-meter would make a useful pugin in itself, but is beyond the scope of this plugin (for now).

                        I don't know how I could easily pick up the gear you are using. But that would make for some great recording data...

                        I've nearly finished adding Quarter Mile, One Mile and Top Speed performance testing. just have to code the front end now.

                        The plugin is no doubt full of defects so it would be great if I could get some people to do some 'testing' for me before I go unleashing dodgey code on the public. Would anyone like to give me a hand?


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                          I would love to test it out. Please send me a PM with details. I have a GT30R turbo in my monster so it will definitely provide some good testing


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                            Cheers wjc04wrx!

                            Anyone else want to help out?


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                              I'm keen to give it a go and report back...
                              I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.