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  • EPIA Full screen boot logos...

    Here is a link I thought us EPIA users and to be users would find cool...

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    You are the man !

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      very interesting..... I tried this link earlier with no luck.... but wow, thats great...

      these EPIA boards get better all the time.....
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        totally tits!

        I was planning on adding this to the std screen...
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          That page is pretty interesting, now do I dare try it on my EPIA!! Or do u think I'll shaft my BIOS.

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            I def want to do this, but the instructions on the page tell you how to do everything but flashing the bios itself, how is this part done?

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              Download the BIOS flash utility.


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                I was wondering if people used that mobo/proc around here, i saw it a few months ago (before i became a reader of this forum) and i thought it would be perfect. how is dvd decoding with this? and what about divx? thanks for any responces, i am really thinking of buying this, it would be pretty nice for my hopefully upcoming project
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                  Originally posted by WebAssistUK
                  That page is pretty interesting, now do I dare try it on my EPIA!! Or do u think I'll shaft my BIOS.

                  Bets being taken now!
                  well i've flashed my bios with custom images before with 100% success.... i'd say it'd be fine..... unless it's a dodgy image..... but if people have got it working on your motherboard before you'll be fine..... unless there's a power failure.... but seriously, it takes like 5 seconds so chances of power happening to fail then are very low......