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  • Windows Customization Tool

    I've been using Windows Power Pro at work for some time now to speed up some of my repetitive tasks and it has been working fairly well so I thought I'd pass it along.

    Windows Power Pro

    It has a lot of cool features that Gnome has for X like customized 'bars' and such. Thought some of you more creative minds may be able to make a good car-interface with it. It lets you make it look less like Windows and more like a custom car app without much trouble.

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    This is good stuff, been using it as a touchscreen "frontend" to WA 2.x in my car machine for a couple months now. Rediculously configurable and not too hard to figure out for non-programmers like me.

    Matty, I haven't tried yet, but could this be used as a shell? A couple more toolbars and I'd love to make Windows disappear.
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