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  • Navigation In Digitaldash

    Hi Guys Anybody Know How To Use 3rd Party Nav In Digitaldash Frontend? Thanks In Advance...

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    I messed with Digital a little. I got my gps software to work by going into the settings (at the bottom of the screen) and then going to My Programs area. There you add the path to your software you want to add. If I remember there is a browse button so you can find the file and click instead of typing. Then link that to an icon on the main Digital dash screen.


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      thanks for your respond but i got it to work.... i should of been more specific. I wanted to use the larger buttons (main buttons) for nav. All i had to do was add external applications from the menu of the listed buttons and select icon and map to my nav .exe. however, here is another question, how can i make the media player buttons larger... i mean the play, skip, etc. the buttons currently setup now are very small and i have too keep eye-ing the damn thing so i dont press the wrong button and that makes it very dangerous when driving...


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        Not sure...didnt mess with it that much. I think there is a icon editor in the program though. Not may only chaneg the pic on the icon not the size. Download the .pdf manual.


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          Thanks Dude..