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New Windows Operating System For 2009

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  • New Windows Operating System For 2009

    What do you guys think about the next Windows operating system coming out next year? Think the multitouch enhancements could be beneficial to a car PC environment? It's the same interface technology they've been using in their Surface.
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    i think i'll stick to tinyxp until something proves better/faster
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      How about touch enabled Windows Media Center?


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        Multitouch would require a special screen, and would cost more than my whole car.

        I'll stick with Linux. They'll probably have it out before Microsoft gets it working right, anyway.
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          When the OS comes out, there should be tablet PCs that take advantage of the mutitouch screen. You can use that screen just like TurboCad6 does currently in his installs.
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            Multitouch requires you to look at the screen. I haven't seen anything that beats tactile response devices like buttons or knobs. Possibly voice, but you can't control everything using voice.
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              did anyone install winxp calamari codename