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Random lock ups. Help!

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  • Random lock ups. Help!

    Via epia M1000
    512mb ram
    350 gb hd
    8 gb ide flash
    Zalman external usb 5.1 sound card (ZM-RSSC)
    ATI VisionTek 7k 64mb pci video card
    WinXP pro
    RoadRunner front end

    The problem is frequent, actually dont think ive gone a trip without it locking up. After much troubleshooting ive determined that theres no apparent pattern. ie button presses or apps.
    Sometimes it happens right as RR is initialy loading.
    Sometimes when I attempt to navigate through the music and movie files (but only when it initialy tries to open the library. once the library is open its fine).
    Sometimes when i do multiple button presses quickly. ie turn the volume up then track forward then open the library.
    And sometimes it just locks up while its running fine. no button presses or anything. Just freezes. This is super irritating because when i have to reset 50% of the time it doesnt reload my audio drivers, so i have to reboot again to get audio.

    Any help/comments would be muchly appreciated.

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    have you checked all the connectors inside the comp??
    going over a bump could knock it around...

    also try setting it up inside and see if the lock ups happen.