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Open GPS-Traffic Link Web Service

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  • Open GPS-Traffic Link Web Service

    I'm in the process currently of creating a simple Web Service Application that will act as an aid to navigation/ traffic problems. This will be a multi-step process with each new step adding more features to the web service.

    Initially, an application will be able to anonymously upload their coords and their speed to the Server's database. In a subsequent call, the application would be able to send in a "route" consisting of a collection of coordinates. They would receive back a collection of speed variables that would represent other people's traffic experience for that same route. In short, this service will be able to provide collective, near realtime traffic information to consumers

    Step two involves aggregating other traffic sources Google, local data, etc.

    Step three goes even further to offer to store "opt-in" user statistical information.

    This service will be completely free and open source so that any application can tap into and use it's data however they want. Obviously, it's only useful if a lot of applications/platforms use it. My hopes/goal is that this project will grow into an industrial strength service that will be useful to many companies/entities.

    I'm building it using ASP.NET2.0 and C# using completely free software, namely, the mono implementation of the .NET runtime and CLI. It will be hosted on an Linux/Apache combination.

    Because it's free/open source, the community will be able to set up their own servers for their area.

    I'm going to put in the initial effort to get this going. Step one will not be terribly difficult to write.

    Is there any interest from the mp3car community in such a project? Feedback most welcome. If you want to help in the development, or if you are an application writer who may want to consume the service, let me know.
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