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  • Winamp problems

    I am constantly having problems with winamp lately. It will work for a few days then it freezes after playing a song for only a few minutes. To resolve it I have to uninstall winamp and then reinstall it. And it will work again for the next few days until it happens again.
    Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated?
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    Why exactly would you un-install it then re-install it? How bad of a crash are we talking about? Are you saying that once Winamp crashes, it will not load up again?

    Personally, it sounds like theres a particular song in your playlist that is causing this to happen. Maybe a .mp3 file encoded with a virus of some sort...
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      I've had a similar problem with Winamp, it's happened to me a couple of times. . I usually just re-image my drive and it takes care of it for a good amount of time. The only thing I could image is that a file gets corrupted.

      I would say re-install Windows. If you don't have an image for your system, this may be a good time to think about doing it.