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bios>realtek giga boot agent (holdup)> xp loading screen

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  • bios>realtek giga boot agent (holdup)> xp loading screen

    not too sure where to place this post, but here seemed the best since its a software (bios) issue for the computer specifically.

    i have the mp915-5 and everytime after it loads the bios, it goes into this loading thing for the network. it says something along the lines of this:

    Realtek giga boot agent somethin something
    hit shift + F10 for settings.

    i can change some settings on that when i shift+F10 like disable, change load time (or whatever it says) to 1,3,5 seconds and 2 other options i cant recall. everytime i change these, it loads up quickly after the restart. but anytime after that, i get that darned message back up. and my boot time is slowed down.

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    I'm not familiar with MP915, but did you try disabling the boot from LAN option in your BIOS boot settings?

    Also if you are not using the LAN port, just try disabling the LAN port completely in BIOS


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      i dont think i have disabled that in the bios. i havent played in the bios other than optical as the first boot up drive for installing xp-lite