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  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (anpr)

    i got a idea today i want to know if any one is interested for building a app for anpr and have a database of all the undercover police cars and have a website with lists of them by country

    here is a java app i found to do it but needs some work to get it webcam and to use databases and then alarm to say one has been spoted

    i got the full source files for it and it open source

    i haven't much i idea about java but am good with building the site for it

    let me know what you think

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    Why would you want to know the reg's of all the undercover police cars?



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      Originally posted by Greeno2k8 View Post
      Why would you want to know the reg's of all the undercover police cars?

      I would guess, so you could rcognise them. Provided you have excellent eye sight and could see them before they see you.
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        no, his idea was to have a program running in conjunction with a webcam to auto detect and alert to police cars.

        1. I don't know a web cam with decent enough quality for this to work well

        2. seems like a LOT of work for VERY little gain

        3. you could never be certain that the database was 100% up to date.

        4. why not just use a regular radar/laser/whatever detector?

        5. how about just driving like a sane person?
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          It's impossible to have a database of undercover police cars, actually.
          Coming from an undercover cop, I know the cars are registered to the undercover aliases and are no different than any other vehicle registration.

          Now, it's possible you could compile a list of unmarked police vehicles, which are a whole other matter entirely.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            Just for fun ANPR

            Just for laughs... Here is a Perl script that I run while taking photos of plates that looks for images/screenshots from my camera and runs them through the JavaANPR application and records my current GPS location with a date and time stamp. I execute this script from the \javaanpr\dist folder. You will need ActiveState ActivePerl. You will also need the GPS::NMEA module installed. Just for fun!

            ## Script for automatic processing of (license plates) number plates from a CarPC camera using JavaANPR and a GPS unit

            ## Location of image captures jpg or png files
            $path = 'C:\\Documents and Settings\\UserName\\My Documents\\My Pictures\\';

            ## Destination to place images processed by javaanpr
            $pathdest = 'C:\\Plates\\';

            ## File ext. to search for
            $fileextwewant = "png";

            ## GPS module
            use GPS::NMEA;

            ## Connect to our GPS device
            my $gps = GPS::NMEA->new(Port => 'COM4', # or COM5: or ev/ttyS0 Baud => 4800);

            while (1) {

            ## Check every two seconds for a new image

            ## Open the folder containing the images
            opendir (DIR, "$path") or die "Couldn't open directory, $!";

            ## Get a list of the files in the folder and place the list in a array
            @file = readdir DIR;
            $lengthoflist = @file;

            ## I can count!
            $counter = 0;

            while ($counter <= $lengthoflist)

            $fileext = $file[$counter];

            ## Get the last three chars of the file name (the ext)
            $fileext = substr($fileext, -3);

            ## Check if the file is a file we want to process
            if ($fileext eq $fileextwewant) {

            ## Load the File module for moving the files around
            use File::Copy;

            ## Create the name of the destination folder, it will be the image name with ANPR added to the front
            $newfoldername = "ANPR$file[$counter]";
            $newfoldernamewithpath = "$pathdest$newfoldername";

            ## Issue the OS command to make the folder
            system("mkdir $newfoldernamewithpath");

            ## We will now move the file from the screenshot folder to is destination
            $oldlocation = "$path$file[$counter]";
            $newlocation = "$newfoldernamewithpath\\$file[$counter]";
            move($oldlocation, $newlocation);

            ## Give you something to read while waiting...
            print "Processing Image $fileextwewant....\n";

            ## Call the JavaANPR application to process the image file and generate a report
            system("\"C:\\PROGRA~1\\Java\\jre1.6.0_04\\bin\\ja va.exe -jar C:\\javaanpr\\dist\\javaanpr.jar -recognize -i $newlocation -o $newfoldernamewithpath\\\"");

            ## Call the GPS sub routine to get our current position

            ## More stuff to read...
            print "Processing Complete!\n";



            ## Close the folder we opened
            closedir DIR;

            print "Searching for $fileextwewant files...\n";


            sub get_gps_position {

            ## Use the GPS module to get the current GPS position
            ($ns,$lat,$ew,$lon) = $gps->get_position;

            ## Get the current date and time
            ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year,$wday,$yday,$isd st) = localtime();

            $mday = $mday + 1;
            $mon = $mon + 1;
            $year = $year + 1900;

            $gpstxtfilename = "GPSStamp.txt";

            ## Write the GPS position and date time stamp to a text file in the folder with the javaanpr report
            open FILE, ">$newfoldernamewithpath\\$gpstxtfilename" or die $!;
            print FILE "Time: $hour:$min.$sec Date: $mday-$mon-$year GPS: $ns $lat $ew $lon\n";
            close FILE;

            VIA Epia M10000 MB
            512 DDR RAM
            40G 2.5 HDD
            SP7 7" VGA TS dash
            Lilliput 7" RCA rear
            Holux GM-210 GPS
            Linksys WUSB54G
            Mini-Key USB KB
            CarPCSub 0.71 Win32 + 0.71L Linux
            GPS to Subtitles Recorder


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              will this work in linux?
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                can this work on linux

                Yes, this can work on a linux machine. If I am not mistaken most builds of linux come with Perl installed. You will need to install the GPS::NMEA module. You will need to change the path names so they are in the correct format for linux (e.g. / instead of \). The initial GPS::NEMA example I used was from a linux machine. The JavaANPR is a cross-platform application. You will need the Java runtime for linux installed to run the JavaANPR application. Since I am not using any perl modules that are Win32 specific you should be able to get this to work.

                VIA Epia M10000 MB
                512 DDR RAM
                40G 2.5 HDD
                SP7 7" VGA TS dash
                Lilliput 7" RCA rear
                Holux GM-210 GPS
                Linksys WUSB54G
                Mini-Key USB KB
                CarPCSub 0.71 Win32 + 0.71L Linux
                GPS to Subtitles Recorder


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                  i am intrested in the program above and creating a database for number plate's and i would also like some more infromation on your project and the software you have above


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                    im working on this right now is this project dead or what?


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                      I really hope not


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                          I would like something like this to run in the background compiling a database with GPS details and timestamp - maybe even low res photos... I'm trying to devise a system that'll record real time footage front, rear, OS and NS of the car for insurance claims etc as well as something that'll record when the proximity sensor is triggered.


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                            i have a few low quality logitec webcams. they could be used easily. you could use an ir array and mod the camera a little bit to mimic what anpr does. im no good with software but im pretty good with hardware.


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                              Hello Everyone,

                              I've been playing with JavaANPR a bit.. And it seems to work really well. Except not for U.S.A. License Plates

                              I've given it pretty crappy(tm) images of European license plates, and it returned a good response.. I have yet to get a single good response off of ANY image of a U.S. Plate.

                              I've tried fiddling with the config.xml file, but that is getting me no-where.

                              Does anyone have a proper config.xml file for detecting U.S. License Plates?