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Google Enters the World of Browsers...

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  • Google Enters the World of Browsers...

    Google Chrome - Download a new browser

    Google just release within the last couple hours their own web browser, Chrome.

    I downloaded it and looked around it seems very nice, the only part i don't like at the moment is the network proxy settings...

    Google Chrome - Download a new browser

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    they coulda came up with a better name. And i really do hate software that i have to download to download software Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      what is the point? if people cared about fast and standards compliant browsers they wouldn't use bloated slow *** IE which they WILL continue using even now. hope I'm wrong, as a web developer I have a strong hate for IE and I wish it would die a quick death.

      I do love WebKit tho. glad they choose that for their rendering engine.
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        IMO, it would be a nice car computer browser, only due to the lack of clutter factor.

        However, as a desktop browser, not so much...


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          i love how each tab is single process and such, very very nice work.. i like... and its 10x faster then IE and maybe 2x faster then FF....

          its going to car tomorrow...


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            To get a real understanding of why they created this browser, check out the video "The story behind Google Chrome" and the comic. It makes a lot of sense. and a few of their features are already in IE8

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              look promising!


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                I'm using it right now. I like how simple and uncluttered it is, perfect for car PC!

                It won't replace FF on my desktop only because of other features not available on it, but for car use, I love the small footprint and speed.

                Originally posted by NeonDev View Post
                I have a strong hate for IE and I wish it would die a quick death.
                UGH! I hear you on that! Just yesterday I was working tech support at my job and I had a lady call in because everytime she tried to go on mapquest directions it would give an error and close. I tried to fix it and ended up trying to reinstall it after which I still couldn't get it to work so I ended up installing FF for her, even though it's not one of the standard apps on our pc's. Oh well, we're gonna be upgrading all the pc's pretty soon anyways, but I wish we didn't use IE, it's a pain.
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                  Originally posted by Kardain View Post
                  IMO, it would be a nice car computer browser, only due to the lack of clutter factor.

                  However, as a desktop browser, not so much...
                  lol clutter factor:

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                    well somehow when having a couple of tabs open with flash components it just requires 4 or 5 tabs to become slow as hell and unresponsive. So much for a fast browser. Opera stays fast even with a lot of tabs open. So for me it will be opera for the future.


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                      Windows only: Free application Iron is a slightly modified version of the Chromium source of Google Chrome that removes components of Chrome that report your usage habits to Google. In practice, that means it removes your unique user ID, doesn't send user-specific info to Google, skips crash reporting, and doesn't check with Google for updates. Some featuresólike crash reporting and update checksóare built into most browsers anyway, but if you're already squeamish with the amount of your information Google already has on its servers, the extra layer of privacy Iron offers might be up your alley. The download site and installer are in German, but the app runs in English.
                      Now if they can keep it up to date with Chrome (ie: extension capability), I'm all for the alternative

                      Download link: