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P166 w32mb jerky as hell

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  • P166 w32mb jerky as hell

    I got my system up and running as follows:
    SB PCI128
    P166mmx running o/c'd to 210 (75mhz fsb instead of 66, multiplied by 2.5) on an old chaintech socket 7 board(5agm2), running cool.
    Got 32mb of 60ns SDRAM (4clk)
    Using an AGP card just to allow it to boot and diagnose stuff, will swap to a cheap one soon
    L2014 20x4 LCD off lpt2 in ECP and EPP mode in bios

    LCD output using MPXFTSR to show track info and 1 line graphic spectrum output.

    So I've stuck to DOS (MPXplay) and mpxf for best shutdown ability and lack of complications (I just want keypad control and cant find one simple enough in win95/98)

    Playing mp3s the thing jerks left right and centre, almost un-recognisable as the song. I tried running without the TSR, and its a bit faster. The only way I can get it to play cleanly is to lop off all the extras including analyser and even graphic output and just run command line mpxplay. Surely a p166 can cope with this simple task?
    Anything I should check?


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    sorted it - i just cut all the LCD info out of mpxplay.ini and it ran like a dream through the mpxftsr. Now i've just got to figure out how to work with the mpxftsr.cfg to give the output I want - its not exactly intuitive


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      Glad you found the problem. I was just going to say that I have a P166 w/ 32 mb ram and it's definitely enough to play mp3s. If I ever get a display hooked up, I'll try to remember your findings.