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  • FreeICE workover

    As the title states, I'm trying to give FreeICE a workover...both because there are some things I wanted that looked like they weren't going to happen and also because the author of FreeICE has been AWOL working on his custom/kit car project.

    So what's changing?
    -Unicode compatible (done)
    *yes, now your foreign language songs will display and play fine
    -New GPS screen (in progress)
    *IGO, eLite and Simplistique got me thinking that some control buttons is a nice feature
    -Equalizer (haven't even started yet)
    *Using the built-in equalizer plug-in
    -Uh...I'll think about it

    Unforunately the main flash file (main.swf) is only based on the 1.9 version, not latest 1.92, as the swi copy of 1.92 hasn't been made available. However... there don't seem to be any huge differences, so we'll see how it goes.

    As I am a total flash newb and have only dabbled with scripting and programming (BASIC, Pascal, HTML, VB, VBScript, JavaScript and a little C# and C++), it may take awhile. But seeing as how I have suddenly found myself with much more free time for a little while... we'll see how it goes.

    It would be VERY helpful if the community could help me out with buttons/icons and such graphics. While I'm not too bad with self-teaching programming and dev environments, I suck with photoshop and graphics. If someone could make me some buttons, it'd be soooo appreciated.

    Here's what I need... buttons for GPS (with text)
    Zoom In
    Zoom Out

    Also opinions on layout... should I go with something similar to eLite, making the map screen smaller, or should I go with something more like Mapfactor with semi-transparent buttons?

 are some I DL'd to use as a sample.
    button.png is what i managed to extract from FreeICE for it's normal buttons.
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    60 views and not 1 reply. Thanks guys!


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      The more screen real estate you can use for the map, the better. Buttons and stuff should be completely out of the way while you're driving, except maybe one button that brings up the others.



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        Originally posted by NSFW View Post
        The more screen real estate you can use for the map, the better. Buttons and stuff should be completely out of the way while you're driving, except maybe one button that brings up the others.

        Don't agree, less button pushing for me

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          That's kinda what I thought too. I considering the hidden/popup menu, but... that just makes for more steps/button pushes to get the job done.

          It's a tough balance with screen real estate... buttons vs map... Kind what I was thinking six buttons setup similar to eLite, but instead of a whole giant bar... just semi-transparent buttons. Kinda compromising between the too...


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            How about adding Sat. Radio? It's really the only thing I feel FreeIce really lacks.

            Also, very interested in the EQ.
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              im interested in having it work with winamp or itunes...i asked for the EQ a while ago (literally about 4 days after the first release) glad someone is finally getting to it...

              look forward to seeing your results
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                Sat Radio... sorry but in almost the same situation as the creator of FreeICE. He's in the UK... thus no Sat radio at all. As for me... I don't have sat radio, nor any plans to get one for my own use. Sorry.

                iTunes or Winamp. I might take a look at that once I have this stuff down...