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  • Character LCD Based projects

    I'd like to know what menu-driven software projects are availble for Character LCD users. I simply don't have the space for a TFT LCD in my car, and the ones that I could fit, won't be readable enough for me to be comfortable using.

    So I know of only two software packages off hand which work with char LCD's, and they are:

    Markus Zhender's Winamp plugin
    Cobra 1

    What other programs are out there?

    Thanks guys!

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    Here's one a friend of mine is using with a Matrix 4x20 serial. It should also work with Parallel.
    here's link to demo video:jaLCDs demo video
    Homepage for software:Here
    Translation tool, select from German to English:Translation Page
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      Yeah- but I'm looking for lcd programs/plugins that have their own menu system built in. I need to be able to efficiently navigate 1,500 MP3's while driving, and a paper list won't cut it.


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        Lorty - look at the softwarepagina on the startpage.
        haven't tried it. but has it's on menu.
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          Ther's a dos port of mpg123 at my home page. Completely undocumented, so you'll need to be comfortable with messing around with the source, probably.

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            MPXF is a menu driven frontend for dos player MPXPLAY.. Check it out.

            It's just a shame development of MPXF has stopped, because MPXPLAY now supports OGG files, but MPXF doesn`t, so i can't use MPXF to search through my OGG's, yet i can play them ok.
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              Damn, I'm beginning to think that my system plans are a house-of-cards.

              I can't go DOS, because DOS doesn't support USB. All the LCD projects for Windows, however, don't cut the mustard for a single-char LCD display system in a car because they don't have menus, or are currently unstable/unusable.


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                Hi there,

                You could use linux, altough i don't know if there is a driver for your screen....

                And you need to know something to get linux running properly.....
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                  Whats wrong with markus zhenders plugin? ive played with it for a bit and it seemed good, although the newest version was messing up on the lcd, but the older one worked well.
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                    New(est) version corrupts and turns off the display on serial modules when you try to use the graphic equalizer.

                    The prior release locks up the control system when you try to change playlists.


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                      oh alright, i was using it with a parallel one and it worked great, just wondering though.
                      Project AutoBoxen: Coming along, almost ready to hook up in the car.
                      Celeron 500, 192mb ram, 8gb hdd, other stuff.
                      '91 Mazda 626: Its free, so ill use it.