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Using windows media player in my carputer

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  • Using windows media player in my carputer

    Hi. I wasn't sure if I shoud have posted this in the newbie forum or here, so please move it if it doesnt fit.

    I want to use wmp in my carputer, but the way wmp is now it is way to small. There have to be some kind of skin I could download to make the buttons more suitable for a 10" touchscreen and to enlargen the text. I also want the search function to be easy to reach, scrolling through several houndred songs take time. Could someone help me with this problem?

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    Why don't you use a frontend ? They're all skinnable. The most popular are RoadRunner (free) and Centrafuse (commercial), StreetDeck (commercial?Don't know for sure). Check the FrontEnds subforum.