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Sharing GPS receiver over bluetooth!

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  • Sharing GPS receiver over bluetooth!

    This sounds like a great idea to me, if possible.

    A lot of us have USB GPS receivers and bluetooth modules now installed in our cars with our carputer installations.

    What would be cool:

    To share the the GPS in the carputer with another computer in the car over bluetooth.

    I would like to be able to get in my isuzu rodeo with my macbook pro and connect bluetooth to the computer installed in my rodeo, then being able to open up google earth and doing more advanced GPS stuff on the laptop rather than the touch screen.

    I'm running the latest version Blue Soleil on the carputer. I have Xport installed. The GPS is USB but is recognized with a COM port of course.

    Age: 18 | Car: Isuzu Rodeo 01 |

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    It might be possible to pipe the NMEA data stream across a bluetooth COM port using a utility like XPort or something similar.
    But unless your Isuzu has a SatNav setup that can read the NMEA data stream from a source other than the hardwired GPS (doubtful), I don't see you being able to use the information for anything more than you macbook.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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