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Ideal music player in a front-end - does anything like it exist?

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  • Ideal music player in a front-end - does anything like it exist?

    The main reason I built my computer was to be able to play music in my car; however, I've been unable to find a music player that works to my liking. Depending on how the mood strikes me, I want to be able to play all songs from a particular artist, all songs on a single album, or all songs in my library. What I would like to be able to do is select an artist, then have a list of songs show up, as well as the albums (perhaps the screen is split in two), then I can either select a song and start playing, or I can select an album and narrow it down further. However, I also want the ability to just scroll through every song in my library and select one song and have it start playing, then after it finishes go on to the next, either by shuffling or playing the next song in line. A good shuffle feature is a strong preference (I hate using my ipod on my xbox 360, but I digress...)

    So far, I've been using roadrunner with the default (carwings?) skin and I just have my music laid out in Artist>Album directories, but this limits me to playing a single album at a time. If I were to put all the songs in a single folder, this would almost certainly have duplicate named files, and erase some of them. I compare my wants to the interface of iTunes, Rhythmbox, or the iPod; although genre isn't a necessity. I suppose the largest hurdle to overcome is the need for a library database file?

    Does anyone know if any front-ends out there support this type of music browsing? Operating system is either linux or win. I've mentioned this to kev and the LinuxICE devs, but I was just wondering if something like it already existed. In the meantime, my computer is in my house, waiting... :-/


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    Centrafuse would be more to your liking I think...


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      Didn't look closely at the plugin, but BlueZX3's RRMedia plugin for RoadRunner could be what you're looking for. So check out the skins which have that included.