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  • Simulating laptop functions

    Im getting together all the bits and pieces to install my IBM thinkpad T20 laptop into my car. I have bought a minisize keyboard which has a 'FN' key.

    On my laptop there is a 'FN' key which when pressed with a certain Function key does a laptop feature, such as puts the laptop into 'Standby' mode, activates the laptop from 'Standby' mode etc etc.

    I was hoping this mini external keyboard i bought would hopefully act the same as the standard keyboard. Sadly it doesn't.

    Is there any software available to capture the keystrokes from this external keyboard and then fires off the specific keystrokes to activate the laptop features.

    Any help is much appreciated!!!!
    Volvo C70 - Installation in progress *gulp*

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    I have a keyboard that has Fn

    Model is Turbo-Trak
    Made in China
    This is some el cheapo keyboard.
    Works attleast in windows98 when i push for example fn+sleep > goes to standby etc. there are power,sleep and wake buttons.

    Oh and my 98 device manager show standard 101/102-key or microsoft natural keybord


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      If you have any programming skill it wouldn't be hard to write one.. Just search for "Global Hoykey".. If you aren't a programmer a google search for either "global Hoykey" or "Macro software" should provide you with something. I know Macro Magic would run a macro from a keystroke.