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  • Syncing from Mac to PC

    My main computer right now is a Mac Mini and my Car computer runs XP. Ideally, I'd like an easy way to sync my home iTunes library with my car computer. I see that RRUpd8 can check for a network connection, then automatically update folders and files, so it would be easy enough to create an SMB share on my Mac for RRUpd8 to find once I park in my garage. But what about maintaining my music library and playlists from iTunes to Winamp? I use PandoraJam on my Mac, so I'm constantly adding songs to specific playlists in iTunes, and I'd like those accessible on my car PC.

    If I have RRUpd8 sync my iTunes library folder to my car PC, can I have Winamp interpret that data correctly, or do I need to purposefully export files from iTunes so that Winamp can read them?

    It looks like this thread might have my answer, does anyone have any experience with this, and was a Mac port ever completed?
    1999 SVT Contour