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CarPC audio tuning using just Impulse Response convolution

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  • CarPC audio tuning using just Impulse Response convolution

    I'm going to test a new way (to me) of doing the signal processing on my carputer...
    Some of you might of seen what I've been doing with AudioMulch...
    (Crossover VST shown)

    It's a pretty standard, simple VST chain...just pretty basic, manual control.

    As an alternative, I've found a tuning program called (((Acourate))), which is designed to make impulse response convolutions...

    So, theoretically, a single IR convolution can be fed into Pristine Space, for example...

    and can be used for creating a crossover, driver linearisation (to get a flat response from each driver), speaker level matching, and of course, 'room' correction...

    Once you've recorded the responses from the speakers, made the adjustments, created the IR file, you simply load it into Pristine Space and your done...SoundIN, Pristine Space, SoundOUT...
    No need for any other VST plugin!

    Pristine Space has 8 independant outputs as well, so you could very well use a different IR in each 'slot' for each channel...

    I have 2 way active crossover front/rear, so I'll be utilizing all 8 output channels. However, I probably only need 2 IR IR for the front and one for the rear...possibly 4, considering my hi/low pass is setup using L/R channels...

    I'm looking for a Behringer ECM8000 mic to get started with my measurements...

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    Hi any progress on this one?
    How were the results?


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      Haven't done much in the way of audio so far...doing lots of work with the car right now.
      I did buy some mid's to go with my sub, mid-bass and tweets though, so I'll be going 4-way active crossover
      Probably going to mount the mids and tweets in the a-pillars too, and implement some ambiophonics along with IR.