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VNC-like Remote desktop for J2ME?

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  • VNC-like Remote desktop for J2ME?

    I was wondering if any of you use a mobile phone to remotely control the car-pc?
    I did a bit of searching and found JM2PC
    This is able to connect to the PC through bluetooth or internet (gprs/3G), and control it, with some pretty useful functions too, like file transfer. The only drawback is that it only makes a screen capture when requested. So... it's not real-time.
    I'm after something like VNC, of course written for J2ME and using, first of all bluetooth, and then maybe gprs etc.
    If there isn't such a software, it could be written if someone is interested. JM2PC is open source, it could be a starting point.
    I made some calculations: a screen-capture at 320x240 in different color depths and formats:

    Assuming a 20kB jpg screenshot, a continuous stream of 10 frames per second would require a bandwidth of 200kB/s or 1.6Mbits/s.
    This means an average bluetooth adapter (2Mbps) or 3G internet connection. But the jpg compression doesn't need all the 24bpp and 90% quality so it could be more compressed. 10x a 5kB frame is just 50kBps or 400kbps...

    Other (maybe better) ways to achieve mobile->car-pc control is using WLAN. But for now, the most common mobile phones have bluetooth and J2ME.

    So, does someone already use a software like this, or is someone interested in developing it?
    McFly's CarPC on Opel Astra G
    Romanian car-pc owners

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    Hi, sorry for the late answer.

    Another mobile remote desktop application for J2ME devices is available at: The main difference is that it use a custom image codec reducing the data traffic to ~4 to 7 MB/hour, resulting ~2KB/s. The current version is supporting only GRPS, 3G, WiFi, but Bluetooth support can be easily created. If this feature will be requested it will be added in the next version.