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AUDI TT - record your driving experience TTHUD

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  • AUDI TT - record your driving experience TTHUD

    Hi Guys!

    I've just finished releasing v0.6 of a TTHud application - which allows you to record your drive and label the video with current ECU data like RPMS/SPEED/THROTTLE POSITION.

    If anyone interested in a example video :

    Web page:

    Quick guide:

    1. Plug VAG-COM dongle to your RS232 Port ( COM 2 )
    2. Plug in your webcam
    3. Run application
    4. When ready - hit ENTER button to initialise ECU and start recording

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    whoo !!! at last..

    Hey man !!

    good work !!

    i have been waiting for someone like you.. (some one who knows how to integrate vag-com with other software --> don't get any idea's )

    you must know all there is to know about the vag-com protocol don't you...

    is there any way you can make a software similar to dashcommand that will work with vag-com - or better, create a patch or a modul that will enable users like me (and you..) to run dashcommand with vag-com (rather than the elm327...)

    (you can even take it further and create a software that controls all of the vag-com options -- like removing those engine lights that comes very often once you removed your catalytic...)

    what do you think ? are you up for it ? alot of people here have been waiting for someone to do those things with VAG cars..



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      Hiya mate.

      This is exactly what i am trying to achieve with TTHud but i need people to test / try the releases continously.

      It will not be a problem to create a dashxxx like application for free - but the problem is with people running tthud and not coming back to me with the results.

      Anyways - headsup i can ensure you i'll progress with tthud development futher )

      Many thanks for few words of support!! stay in touch!


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        Hi all !

        Version 0.7 released!

        Ps. Anoyne knows what OBD PID is used for AUDI for MAP ( Manifold Pressure )?


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          Any possibility that it works with ELM327 or compatibles...Not everyone has a VAG-COM


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            DigitalVampire - no Elm327 support - due to the fact that i never used that interface before. If i get some i'll implement this into tthud