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hub4com, com0com and MobilePC

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  • hub4com, com0com and MobilePC

    I have a problem with running MobilePC with my Deadreckoning "Trimble Lassen GPS+DR" device.

    It works initialy but then start looking for satelittes even though there are plenty. My assumption is that when the GSP goes into DR mode, MobilePC regards fix as not valid.

    For this reason I first wanted to log traffic with GPSGate when this happens, but MobilePC will not accept traffic via GPSGate. (I have thread in their forum)

    So instead I tried to use hub4com. As a startup test I setup hub4com to connect my physical NMEA COM8 port with another physical port (COM11) with null modem cable to COM10 that I then will use in MobilePC.

    Eventually I will make a filter to change "fix DR" to "fix satelitte" in the NMEA messages.

    For some reason I get an error when setting up hub4com like that.

    All physical ports are setup for 38400, n, 1.

    C:\Download\hub4com\hub4com->hub4com \\.\COM8 \\.\COM11
    Open("\\.\COM8", baud=19200, data=8, parity=no, stop=1, octs=on, odsr=off, ox=of
    f, ix=off, idsr=off, ito=0) - OK
    Open("\\.\COM11", baud=19200, data=8, parity=no, stop=1, octs=on, odsr=off, ox=o
    ff, ix=off, idsr=off, ito=0) - OK
    Route data COM8(0) --> COM11(1)
    Route data COM11(1) --> COM8(0)
    Route flow control COM8(0) --> COM11(1)
    Route flow control COM11(1) --> COM8(0)
    Started COM8(0)
    Started COM11(1)
    Error COM8(0): FRAME, total RXOVER=0 OVERRUN=1 RXPARITY=0 FRAME=113
    Error COM8(0): FRAME, total RXOVER=0 OVERRUN=1 RXPARITY=0 FRAME=197

    Why do I get error?
    Why is baud set to 19200?

    Any help apreciated!
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    Turns out I can set baudrate with

    Command I give now is
    > hub4com --baud=38400 \\.\COM8 --baud=38400 \\.\COM11

    Then I don't get frame error anymore, and Navigator 7 accept this data. MobilePC still does not...

    Could it be CTS, RTS etc?

    I will now remove the physical null modem cable, and use com0com for that purpose.
    My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"


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      I don't know why Com0Com / Hub4Com / Com2Tcp are not used by more people on this forum... including myself. I was just starting to figure it all out when I looked here to see if someone already did the work for me. It is free open-source and could be easily used to split GPS and serve it over the internet to remote virtual com ports too. I guess people just prefer to pay GPSGate or deal with Xport issues.

      Would you like to be of any help in putting together a bat file so anyone can simply launch "sharecom.bat 2 5 6 7 8 1000" and it will map the first argument (com2) to all the middle arguments (coms 5-8) and the last argument to a tcp port (1000)? The another bat file for a client machine "connectcom.bat 1000 3" to connect the remote GPS at ip on tcp port 1000 to com3. That's my plan anyway.


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        I have asked myself the same question. This is perfect for a simple split of NMEA data.

        I would not mind writing a but file, bat I cannot try it out as I have now thrown MobilePC in the trash for these reasons:

        - Out of the box it does not work with GPSGate or my Trimble receiver.

        - support is crap, and I do not get any help whatso ever. In fact they thanked me for sending links to helpful info about their products!!

        - The product key works once and cannot be reissued. If your PC breaks down or you deside to upgrade it you are fkcud!
        I wanted to write a software adapted to make it work with split to tracker and together with my Trimble receiver but they could not issue a second code so that I could write the software in the comfort of my home! That was the final straws for me, whatever other benefits this sw has.
        My car installation mp3car thread "showing off project"