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    I'm thinking to integrate a carpc with the standard CID-LCD available in my Vectra C. I've the video interfate for CID-LCD with three video composite inputs.
    The CID-LCD is not touch screen and I didn't find a touchpanel kit for it (it has 6"). I would like to control the frontend through a rotary encoder knob on usb like knob available on standard HU.

    For knob I can hack an usb mouse and redirect the mouse wheel up/down events through Girder.
    My question is: which frondend support such control (e.g right, left and push).

    Could you please indicate a thread link for that.

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    I found out that Centrafuse provide support for this mode. I redirected the mouse MWEELUP to arrowUp, MWEELDN to arrowDn and MCLIK to ENTER.
    I need also an mouse event for TAB. How I can do that?