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Unable to resume after BSOD

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  • Unable to resume after BSOD

    Hi All,

    A little while ago windows BSOD'ed and now wont resume as it has corrupted one of the files and I get this error:
    Windows could not start because the following File missing or corrupt:


    you can attempt to Repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the
    original Setup CD-ROM

    Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair.
    I have to insert a windows CD, and hit the any key to boot from CD. So when I go to plug in my PS/2 keyboard to do this, it wont get past the post screen, as I get that "keyboard error, press f1 ..." error.

    My USB keyboard will get past there no problems (I think that's cos it was plugged in when the error happened, and therefore what it is expecting), but being USB, it doesn't register when I press any key to boot from CD. So I get the same corrupt file problem and I'm back to square one!

    I'm guessing I have to pull the CMOS battery out to let it reset and then try again with the PS/2 keyboard, but that involves taking the seat out to get at the case, blah blah blah, something I would like to avoid. Anyone know a way?

    I'm pretty sure all I need is for my USB keyboard to be usable to tell the PC to boot from the CD, from there I should be ok.

    PS, I'm using the Jetway VIA C7 2.0GHz Mini-ITX Motherboard that is in the Stage 3 computer on the mp3car store.

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    2 things:

    make sure legacy support is enabled in your bios so the software can use usb devices in "dos" mode


    the BSOD is because the registry is corrupted, if you enabled system restore you can use this guide to manually copy the registry and restore it
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