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USB Radio and Windows 7 YAY... not

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  • USB Radio and Windows 7 YAY... not

    I bought a generic USB radio from Brando and it works fine in XP but does not work at all in Windows 7. When I plug it in it recognizes it and says that it's ready to use but then when I try the provided radio program or Centrafuse, it does not work at all. Any ideas?

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    I'm also having the exact same problem, has anyone else been able get their Silabs/ADS USB radio working with Windows 7?

    Thanks for any help!


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      Did you enable the radio? Go to your start menu and type "Sound" and run "Change Sound Card Settings". With the Silabs plugged in, go to the "Recording" tab, right-click and enable "Show Disabled Devices". Then right-click on the radio and enable it.
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        All my crap is currently in my car. Asianprobe, can you try this?


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          Hi, thanks a lot for the response.

          The radio is showing as enabled and functioning correctly under the device manager.

          The problem is the location of is some weird hex 0000,0030,000.... sequence.