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One shot : OS + driver + software install

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  • One shot : OS + driver + software install

    I work on my carpc alot and the process of installing os/driver/software become quite repetitive.
    So i would like to automate the process, either by learning how to use a batch file or a program called Almeza Multiset.

    I'm looking to : install OS + some common driver (GPS,TouchKit, Graphic Driver,...etc) + FE & software (CF,RR,iG,Xport,...etc).

    Anyone got experience on this area and would like to share which is a better method? other alternative? and if you have some resources, please share!

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    If you're simply bringing it back to original config each time (same OS, same drivers, etc), then the simplest method would be to do a fresh build, and then use a program such as Norton Ghost to make an image of the drive. This image can be stored on a CD/DVD, and then re-loaded onto the drive any time you need to reset it to its default config. This is how the IT departments of large companies typically manage their standard desktop client build.

    May I ask why you're having to re-install your OS so frequently that you're developing a procedure for it?


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      I do use a complete hard drive back up program, but this limit me to only one hardware profile. I work on many other people's car as well (friends and family) hence its nice to have a complete setup procedure without hardware constraint.

      I used to have wheel bearing HD running in -30*C winter, so every year the hard drive dies on me, so I usually do a complete reinstall to get newer driver and updates software. Hence i do this about once a year for more than one car. Hopefully, SSD (currently testing) will last better in the winter time, then i won't have to do this as often.


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        nLite allows you to create a new install CD from your own with all the service packs, patches and 3rd party drivers and apps that have standard installers. It helps speed up the process a bit (and eliminates the need for a floppy).


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          yeah i looked at nlite before, and it was good for including driver installation and patches, but not so much software install. Another thing that i don't really like about the nlite is driver sometimes require you to extract the .inf file from exe. I think i'll give multiset program a go when i get the chance.


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            one thing is for sure, Almeza Multiset is hella hard to make installation work.
            Because you need to do it all on a 'virgin machine' (so it can record your install procedure and basically replay it).
            Not sure if it was because i was running win7, but it constantly crash on me. So i basically gave up and willing to do everything the old school way.


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              just use BartPE or WinPE with ImageX. It's a file-based image so you can restore to any drive partitioning setup. If you've got XP then it needs to be same hardware architecture.
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                yeah, i'm currently using acronis backup, and it works great.