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New nokia car-pc phone integration via pc-suite

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  • New nokia car-pc phone integration via pc-suite

    for anyone who owns a "recent" nokia phone and searches for a basic car-pc phone integration, i advice you to download the latest Nokia pc-suite..
    1. connect your phone via ayway you want
    2. call your will see that a baloon notification pops up in the lower right of your screen telling you
    -who is calling
    -3 buttons, to answer, reject, or reject via SMS.
    -a picture of who is calling (if you have an image stored in your phone)
    No need to store phone numbers and images on will always Sync with your phone

    seems like a very nice and basic and hassle free phone integration. together with a bluetooth ear piece

    from what i have tested..Pc-suite will work ALWAYS and will connect ALWAYS, (restart, hibernate, phone goes out of range and back in range---> it will keep try to connect)

    Negatives: the pop up would be nicer if larger and no way to mute pc..and no sound routing via pc