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Windows 7 installation and lilliput 7" display

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  • Windows 7 installation and lilliput 7" display

    Yesterday I was trying to install Windows 7 to my Car PC but failed... Installation files were loaded successfully, but when Windows is started I saw black screen. If I list video inputs to PC input again, I will see "Out of Range" message on the screen and black screen again. Then I tried to boot Windows at "Low Resolution Mode", but result was the same - black screen. I had such problem with installed Windows XP (it appears suddenly after reboot, when I pressed "Auto Adjust Screen" button on the monitor). When I runned XP at VGA Mode and changed frequency of display to 75Hz in spite of 60Hz this problem is gone... The only thing I worry about is that I`m sure that original frequency, when I got installed Windows XP, was 60Hz and everything works fine...

    Then I tried another way: I installed Windows Seven to another HDD at home, set resolution 800x600, frequency is only 60Hz and connect it to my CarPC. When I boot it, the story repeats - black screen after Windows boot logo.

    I can`t figure out what is the problem - with monitor or with video card...

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    ?? very strange. it should work no matter what.... its gotta be something with your video drivers.. youre probably going to have to lug out a normal monitor out to your carpc and get the latest video drivers installed. even still, it should work even without the drivers- what motherboard do you have?


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      I checked for drivers on the, but there is no newer one.

      Here is my carpc configuration:

      Motherboard (intergrated sound and video cards) - Intel D201GLY2
      Display - Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T 7"
      RAM - KVR533D2N4/1G
      HDD - Transcend TS64GSSD25S-M
      GPS - GlobalSat BT-338
      Power Supply - M2-ATX
      Bluetooth - One Level USB
      DVD-ROM - Targus External USB

      Here is some pics